Collaborative Storytelling

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Kirsten M. Geddes

“You step through the slightly ajar door to the house. Inside, with your darkvision, you can see a long hallway. There is a door to your right and left, and immediately across from you down the hall rests another large door, similar to the one you just entered through. In the middle of the hallway, you see a small pool of blood and resting next to it is a piece of paper. As you examine the paper, it appears to be a page torn from a book. ‘Ritual of Banishing’ sits at the top of the page. Your eyes glance over the instructions, taking in every ingredient, every piece of information that the author imparts to you. The last thing you notice is the word ‘HELP’ written in blood on the backside of the page. What would you like to do?”

Collaborative storytelling is a unique form of living art which…

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